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induction liner

Induction Liner (induction cap seal liner)

Most of non-metal containers can be sealed with induction liner by induction heat sealer, for example: glass bottle, PP (polypropylene) container, PE (polyethylene) bottle and PET (polyester) bottles MORE >>


cap lid closure

Cap Lid Closure

The cap lid closure is usually used to seal a large or non-circle container lip, for example: jar, retangle containers MORE >>


foam gasket and bottle wads

Foam Gasket (bottle wads)

The foam gasket and bottle wads are made by different polymer foam, which include PE (polyethylene) foam, PS foam and EVA foam. MORE >>


pressure sensitive liner

Pressure Sensitive Liner

The pressure sensitive liner is usually used PS foam or aluminum foil as base material and coated pressure sensitive layer, when bottle cap close, the pressure snesitive layer will be sticked onto container lip by pressure MORE >>


glue seal liner

Glue Seal Liner

The glue seal liner can seal all kind of caontainer. However, it can be only used to seal dry objects MORE >>


aluminum foil sticker

Aluminum Foil Sticker

The sticker is made by aluminum foil MORE >>