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How to seal a bottle (container)?

  • Pressure seal (by bottle cap gasket/wads or pressure sensitive liner)

  • The pressure seal, usually using a soft plastic foam gasket(bottle wads) or pressure sensitive liner to seal a bottle. In the sealing operation, the gasket (or liner) will be put into the bottle cap, and while the bottle cap screwing onto the bottle lip, the gasket (or liner) will tighten the bottle lip by compressure.


  • Electrical heat seal (by cap lid closure)

  • The electrical heat seal, using a cap lid closure, which is laminated with multilayer films and a heat seal layer, to seal a container. When the electrical heat seal device sealing the container, the cap lid closure will melt onto the container lip.


  • Glue seal (by glue seal liner)

  • The glue seal, by coating glue on the container lip, and then paste glue seal liner on the lip to seal container.


  • Induction heat seal (by induction liner)

  • About the induction heat seal, there are two element is needed, induction sealer and induction heat seal liner. And below will go through detail about how the induction heat seal works.




How induction heat seal works?

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Step0: Before induction sealing, put induction liner into bottle cap

Step1: Fill object into the bottle

Step2: Lock bottle cap (from step0) onto the bottle

Step3: Induction sealer heats the induction liner

Step4: After induction sealing, a foil mounted on the bottle lip