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PET Induction Liner


PET induction liner

About PET Induction Liner

PET indction liner can be used to seal PET and PVC containers (bottles or jars). An it can apply to liquid, powder, cream, or tablet sealing.


Container Material

PET, PVC bottle and containers



For foods: nutlet, candy, wheat flakes, sugar, flavoring powder

For beverage: juice, honey, milk

For drugs: pill, medicinal liquid, healthcare products, animal pharmacy

For household chemicals: cream, detergents, lubricating oil

For agricultural chemicals: pesticide, liquid fertilizers


Type and Feature

Types: 2 pieces PET induction liner and 1 piece PET induction liner

Features: weld seal, high barrier and clean peel (easy peel)


Modle Matrix

Modle NO
Hard stamped
2T-C 2 pieces weld seal pulpboard no click here
2T-H 2 pieces high barrier pulpboard no click here
2T-P 2 pieces clean peel pulpboard no click here
1T-C 1 piece weld seal kraft, EPE foam no click here
1T-H 1 piece high barrier kraft, EPE foam no click here
1T-P 1 piece clean peel kraft, EPE foam no click here



1. Can print LOGO on the foil as per customer's requirement

2. We can cut a pull-lid on the rim of th e induction liner for customer peeling

3. If customer can not identify the induction liner structure, we can provide the most reasonable sealing liner according to customer's application